The wave of balance

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The slide down’s dangerous, friend,
You see, tis’ not a change you can fend.
If you’re worried, it’ll eat you up,
For its the rhythm you setup.

It goes on and on, evermore
Till the beat’s banging in your soul.
For it’s a dance between jilted lovers,
Where debauchery and perfection vie for cover.

Let’s begin with the bottom of the soul,
Times when iniquity makes you whole.
Reveling in the dregs of yourself,
While your Jekyll calls for help.

It begins with self apathy,
As you ignore your own atrophy.
Cell by cell it takes you over,
Till you aren’t you anymore.

Inertia takes hold of you,
Stopping all before you can do.
Light jars your eyes,
For you are a creature of the night.

On and on this darkness lingers,
Till in the silence of this winter,
You remove the gound in your eye,
And see the mirror, your reflection awry.

Your voice tells you its time to change,
And rise above the waves again.
As you take a deep breath and look above,
You see the sun and regret you ever dove.

But your heart fills with joy,
No more will you destroy.
Tis’ time to be cradled by light,
For the moment, everything’s all right.

This is a cycle which goes on and on,
Till you’re tired and forlorn.
Till realization springs forth,
That escape isn’t an option.

But with wisdom comes moderation,
And zero’s the sum of this equation.
Sometimes I wonder, in the name of balance,
Is mediocrity our only option?