Why I love social media

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We live in our phones.
Forgetting the warmth of our own homes.
Twiddling day in, day out,
We play till we simply pass out.

Whether it’s Tiktok or lovely Tinder,
We’re living all our obsessions sinister.
There’s WhatsApp for a dark, thirsty night,
And Snapchat for a drunk, happening fight.

We Instagram our uniqueness,
By becoming mass consciousness.
And crawling over past history,
Isn’t Facebook’s secret mystery.

Crushing our own candies,
Signing off on some privacy.
What are we becoming but,
Data points on this ginormous network’s butt.

As we think we’re important,
Hearing voices discordant.
And form opinions that are so “original”,
As we consume the puked out drinkable.

All of us are sheeple,
Stomped as beetles, thinking ourselves eagles.
As we share more and more of our day,
We waste and keep slipping away.

I know we like likes,
and our ego has girth,
But apart from validation,
what else is it really worth?

And do you need to be,
The top share up on your feed?
If your own say that you’re really good,
Do you still need to show off to da hood?

Are you just like me happy online?
Decadence prevails in my life,
And yet my profile only shows,
Smiles flaunting that I’m fine?

Does it not depress you,
To stalk all their perfect lives?
Their trophies shining,
Without dents or any strife.

Perfidy in it’s purest form,
All laughter and parties.
I hide my tears away,
And fake my heart’s ease.

I don’t show the times I fall,
Or cry or wail or moan.
I keep them for the silent nights,
And the loneliness of my home.

But in the end, isn’t it all just a game?
I hope you’re playing and not quietly being played.
Envy’s gonna join us in a second,
But please, like, follow, share and subscribe.