I’ve been busy!

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Terribly, terribly busy. With the horribly tangled up PRs, to the constant pounding in the back of my head to write my SOP; it’s just been one blurry hustle of procrastination and scrambling attempts at writing a passable SOP. Anyways, I seem to have gotten somewhere with it. Along with exercising, eating healthier, and being more positive, it seems like I CAN be positive. Humph. Who knew. Anyways, I hope even if(when?) the positive outlook recedes, I can still keep up the other healthier habits. It is true what they say, you know, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind!

Anyways, cheer up. Weird coming from my mouth, but get going. Don’t just do something, sit there!

On the topic of my writing, I just don’t seem to get in to the mood nowadays. Pragmatism has pulled me out of the comforting womb of romanticism which I used to float around in earlier. But anyways, with the recent changes, I hope to get lost and find the womb again. Mothers have that effect. They brighten up your life ;).

There’s this project I’ve been working on. More of a social experiment, really. Let’s see if it works out. It is really going to be a test of my developed social abilities.