Queen’s love

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What is this inviting trap you set?
You capture me, my mind, and my soul.
And twist and turn and burn it out,
Till left of it these ashes decry,
Of betrayal and vengeance shout.

How do you break down my impenetrable walls,
Of years and years of bricks laid down,
Into the tempests of my mind.
Where you crown yourself queen of all,
And tyrannically echo your manic laugh.

And queen of all you start to pull,
And push and shove all my innards.
And rip and shred and tear it all,
When underneath my skin you crawl.

What deviant pleasures do I beget?
When I crumple into your serrated words,
And slither within your inviting breath.
And when I stray into your burning eyes,
Are you still cold within your frozen heart?

For my skin burns with each caress,
And my mind withdraws with each digging nail.
And every glare and silent growl,
And every slap and kiss befouled,
Provokes a new crack within my soul.

There’s not much left to gaze upon,
An unlighted place; now nothing to see.
Such have your machinations been,
Do you see why twas’ hidden, and why walls must be?
Are you sated or not O Queen of me?
For if this was love then please,

God take me.

And if god will deny me Elysium’s place,
Hades, your unending slave I’ll be.