Living with Sloth

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Death by Sloth is the best, innit?
It’s comfortable and negligible by the minute.
Who cares what it might add up to,
When you can lay now, and simply not do.

Death by Sloth is so easy, innit?
It’s beguiling arms ain’t got no limit.
As you gently find your comfortable lay,
It’s tendrils wrap and make you stay.

Death by Sloth is so subtle, innit?
It raises no hue, no cry, no gimmick!
It’s veil is time and stealth and care,
As it lodges within our minds bare.

Death by Sloth is so giving, innit?
Its mermaid siren is an instant hit.
Why settle with today when tomorrow’s hot?
If not, we’ll give the next weekend a shot.

Death by Sloth is the worst, innit?
For Pride’s death is the death of you,
After that, living needs a reason too.
Wrath when kills, it kills by force,
For its poison has just a calm antidote.
Gluttony will kill you without any haste,
But it gives you your sweetest and takes away your taste.
Envy’s death is a happy one,
For whatever you owned was never fun.
Avarice can but hardly help,
For money doesn’t ease pain being felt.
Lust’s death is the most beautiful of all,
For there’s a smile on your face and a glow on your pall.

But Sloth like cigarettes, eats away.
Posing it’s decay as just a game.
And because it’s doing less instead of doing more,
You’re going to be entrapped forevermore.

But it’s still the best, innit?
For if you had to choose, it would be death by Sloth, wouldn’t it?