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90’s kids

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90’s kids are a generation of nostalgia. So much technological advancement happened in such a rapid timeframe when we were growing up, that we clearly remember now-obsolete tech. We’ve grown from a huge-ass landline to a computer more powerful than we can imagine in our pocket. It is a major thing. And it sparks nostalgia for our seemingly “simple” childhoods because all this development skews our mental timeline to make it seem farther back than it was. Our childhood wasn’t technology based! We grew up with chalk, bows and arrows…read more


Living with Sloth

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Death by Sloth is the best, innit? It’s comfortable and negligible by the minute. Who cares what it might add up to, When you can lay now, and simply not do. Death by Sloth is so easy, innit? It’s beguiling arms ain’t got no limit. As you gently find your comfortable lay, It’s tendrils wrap and make you stay. Death by Sloth is so subtle, innit? It raises no hue, no cry, no gimmick! It’s veil is time and stealth and care, As it lodges within our minds bare. Death…read more


Musings on a bus

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Warning: I wrote this while on a bus on a trip with friends to Coorg, amongst a busy cacophony, so it might not upto the mark, but eh, here goes. Sitting in a bus riding along, my thoughts travel alongside. Racing ahead, they seem to always come back to where I am. Even after piercing through the veil of time, they move forward back to where I am. My friends and I revel in the simple joy of companionship. No one speaks, because there is no need to. The songs…read more


Just me.

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It’s hard to be young nowadays.We have no revolution, no war.No plagues, and no dictatorship.There’s nothing new, because everything ends up being a copy of the copy of an idea that someone else has already had, a long time ago.Religion doesn’t hold us anymore.Neither does morality. We simply face life, and carving it, deal with it and with the people around us.And for me that has become an impossible task.I’d rather have problems like those at the beginning, where it’s easier to deal with, because we know what we are…read more


Wisdom from a little girl

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Words of wisdom from a little girl: u knw ppl like u n mefeellike if they get happywhole world will try n snatch it away frm themn ders a certain feeling dat if sumthinsg happy ders certainly sumthin wrongit won last longn ur not meant fr itits all in d mindu jsut need to fight ur own selfn talk n talk n talk a lotevn when most of it si usless:-/u think ur doomed to be sadWell, I think this is just that I don’t get angry a lot, and…read more