90’s kids

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90’s kids are a generation of nostalgia. So much technological advancement happened in such a rapid timeframe when we were growing up, that we clearly remember now-obsolete tech. We’ve grown from a huge-ass landline to a computer more powerful than we can imagine in our pocket. It is a major thing. And it sparks nostalgia for our seemingly “simple” childhoods because all this development skews our mental timeline to make it seem farther back than it was.

Our childhood wasn’t technology based! We grew up with chalk, bows and arrows made of sticks, skipping rope, and playgrounds full of children. Slowly, technology took us over, and now those playgrounds are empty; the sticks are just lying around, and chalk is an esoteric art tool. We can clearly remember our childhoods as they were, we can see what childhoods are now, and draw a very clear distinction between both. We are the middle children of this historical era. Our parents were the last non-tech generation, and our youth is all-tech.

And we grew up with the optimism that if we work hard, and go to college, we can have a happy, successful life. Our childhoods were happy; till the recession came along and all of it burst; leaving our hopes, dreams and psyche in shambles. Millenials have grown up with that disappointment, so they simply don’t know what else is out there. They’ve had this problem since day one.

But we haven’t forgotten. And we’re bitter. We ache for those days when we still thought the world was boundless and full of the opportunities we were promised when we grew up.

And so, 90’s kids will ‘member.